Question to TYRA Community

Do you want to merge with SERAF?

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Question to TYRA Community

Postby GM Asimov » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:23 pm

Dear Tyranians,

As we saw their was decrease in activity and most of you are getting bored due to not much players online and on that we received suggestion from few players about whether we going to merge with SERAF.

I will let community decide on that, If we receive majority of YES we will merge with SERAF, If we receive majority of NO we will not merge with SERAF.
Best Regards,
GM Asimov

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GM Asimov
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Re: Question to TYRA Community

Postby kogami » Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:56 pm

Hi Asimov, before make a poll should you offer some compensations, you are saying about merge the servers but we need check somethings before:

1- Tyra max upgrade is baldr+12, seraf max is baldr+15.
2- Tyra have only super, seraf is normal all have ultra. (unfair make we go to seraf and waste 6x ultra to change our stats)
3- Tyra's economy isnt good, but i guess seraf is worste vm much more expensive.
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Re: Question to TYRA Community

Postby trosik » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:42 pm

I totally agree with Kogami
Seraf is old server with alot +15 baldr ultra players
Tyra has few players with baldr rest are +15 but also not many of them and most are +12 with super sets
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Re: Question to TYRA Community

Postby wydyan » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:05 am

We have a difficult situation here.
I understand that no player wants to lose their accounts, chars or items but the truth is that today the server has lost all the fun. I (like many other people) have not been online for a few weeks now.
There is almost no trade, no wars, we have to agree that it has become a little bit boring.
As I said before, nobody wants to lose what has been achieved with so much effort but it does not make much sense to continue as we are doing right now.
If it is not possible to bring this server back to life, a merge with SERAF would be a good option in my opinion.
I don't know about compensations and all that, but if this happens I think we should take it as a new challenge and get back to some fun in the game.
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Re: Question to TYRA Community

Postby wydyan » Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:42 am

Would have been great if many people had participated in this thread.
Anyway, I would like to ask two questions.
To GMs... What would a merge be like? All accounts and chars would be transferred from one server to another? What happens if any of those accounts already have some char in SERAF?
And to the people who vote NO... Is there any idea to reverse or improve TYRA's current situation? What can be done to bring this server back to life?
It seems to me that the main idea of this thread was not just to vote, but to know the players' opinion.

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Re: Question to TYRA Community

Postby d0dyka » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:25 am

It is quite difficult to vote wisely on something that we know nothing about yet.

Pros and cons can be listed all day long but at the moment they are nothing more than an imagination / wish list from both side (until such compensations - if any - is being officially clarified by the GMs). You can dream about what could be if servers are merged and GMs will compensate Tyra players to be able to fight Seraf players or the other way around, but everybody should be honest and ask themselves:

  • Why would I feel that the game is no longer boring ?
  • Would I personally be way more motivated to play and spend more money if the gameplay remains the same but the hunting places will be way more overcrowded ?
  • Would such merge attract more new players to start to play our beloved game from the scratch (no matter which server) ?
Surely there were and always will be players who spend awful lot of money and gain huge advantage compared to the ones playing the game just for fun (which is good for the business as those incomes helps the management to keep servers alive). As the time flies, the rich (therefore strong) becomes more and more stronger and the gap between them and the ones who do not spend that much will be bigger and bigger until the richer states it is boring as they are owning the servers already or the less rich states the same but because they simply cannot compete the ones whom involve way more money in the game (and can not even hunt any decent items either as they are being killed by the stronger ones). This situation leads to the economy crisis also as the rich do not need items hunted by the less rich while those "poor" simply can not afford them (except a few items such as wind secret stone recently).

This is basically where both servers are at the moment and even if the servers are merged, it would end up in a "who can afford to spend more money" race where there will be no new players involved at all but the more and more players will leave this game as they simply can not compete the rich players.

We - as a community along with the management of this game - should focus on to (re)build a good atmosphere within and without the servers, involving as much friends and "unknowns" as we can.

How should we attract them ? Even though the game's one of the (if not the most) important goals is to win as much wars as possible, many players were and still are having fun even if they were/are not fighting at all. Such players are and should still remain active members of the community otherwise servers would be called "dead".

There are many way more creative people who already shared their suggestions under the General Discussions, but I think a bit more events should be held that either demand teamwork or does not depend on the actual gear but creativity, brain or luck more likely.

Every thought are valuable to understand the real needs and keep the community and so the servers alive, so do not be afraid guys to share yours here :mrgreen:.

These are only my 2 cents, thank you for reading and looking forward to hear more from you. Lets just proove how good community we are in such "hard times" also.

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Re: Question to TYRA Community

Postby ironmog2 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:08 pm

Why would I feel that the game is no longer boring ?
If you feel it is boring now, joining more players will bring more activity, if the reason you are bored is activity, the merge solves it.

Would I personally be way more motivated to play and spend more money if the gameplay remains the same but the hunting places will be way more overcrowded ?
If you are afk cc'ing why does the amount of people hunting matter? It's afk. I don't see this as a factor.

Would such merge attract more new players to start to play our beloved game from the scratch (no matter which server) ? A single server is better for attracting new players instead of 2 different servers of the same game.

This game is setup to be Pay2Win, that's how the GM chose to implement their business model... Someone loading VM has nothing to do with the economy, not everything can be bought from Premium Shop. The game economy is based on drop tables, events, and in game activity.

About Merge: Both servers are Pay2Win, merging doesn't change this.

About Community: I think you need to go in game and see how some people talk to others, that's not how one can build a friendly community. Look at how people in your own guild act. As Guild Leader of Sino, when I see this I try to take action, however your guild does not seem to do that.

How to attract new players? It's simple, advertise and create updated content that will get players active. Sadly the GM Team does not seem to understand this or have the tools to make this happen.

My Thoughts?
A Merge is honestly the best option, do not worry about "compensation" it will be adequate. The reason a merge is the best option is because right now with a New Server Origins opening the current player base will split a little and focus on the new server. Already Tyra had a small community, now it's getting a little smaller. By joining to create one server 'Seraf' we allow two communities to become one. This allows the GM Team to focus on one server and hopefully provide more events, content updates, and perhaps more resources to advertise. Don't worry about your Tyra progress, it will not be lost.

If you have any concerns about why a merge is good/bad please bring it up here and will try to address it.
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