Purple stats + Class info.

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Purple stats + Class info.

Postby -ezmo- » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:27 pm


I am wondering about the purple stats in-game. Comparing every each class in-game, there's not such thing as balance between all of them. First of all MKs/FKs, everyone is fully aware that this class is the most EFFICIENT and the Strongest class between all AoEs. My second point is, all DMG characters it seems cant even get a higher DMG than the highest MAP dealt, which gives me an idea that MKs/FKs over rule the game. Though many excellent DMG chars I've seen in game but there's no point of having a DMG char if the character could only hit 3k-4k 2x max each crit, while the MKs/FKs got 7-10k map and IT'S AoE which if you targeted a Healer it wont miss to any other character that has a very high Dex, please do fix this problem. This game could do a lot more developments and could improve with excellent ideas.

I hope you consider my feed back.

Kind regards,

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