Lords Online Rules amendment clarification

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Lords Online Rules amendment clarification

Postby GM Fusion » Fri May 12, 2017 2:54 am

1. Multiple Accounts

You are allowed 2 accounts of each race, if there have been multiple accounts you have helped out this will discontinue, you have 60 days to decide which alt you would like to keep, after this time you will notify us of your decision.

The others will be removed from the alliance, if they are logged there will be consequences for the registered owner, whether it is them who log in or not, we strongly suggest changing the password to prevent other from getting you a sanction.

(reg owner or person claiming responsibility this will be logged when account is declared inactive).

1st offense-3 day sanction

2nd offense-7 day sanction

Please note 60 Days is from the date of this post

3rd or multiple offenses-30 day sanction

2. Account Sharing

When logging into another account of someone in your alliance the following rules will apply

1. you are not to log in to attack another player from the account you have logged into

2. you are not allowed to port a castle that is owned by the player you have logged into

3. at no time are you allowed to spend,use or buy coins of the account that is logged

4. you are only allowed to log in to move troops,or even truce the logged account

Any abuses of this revision wil result in the following actions

1st offense- 3 day sanction

2nd offense- 7 day sanction

3rd or multiple offense- 30 day sanction

Please note 60 days is from the date of this post
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Re: Lords Online Rules amendment clarification

Postby lastabsence » Wed May 26, 2021 5:49 pm

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