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Lords Online Rules

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:51 am
by GM Fusion
Lords Online Rules

    -GC = Game Coach
    -CM = Community Moderators
    -GA = Game Administrators
    -GM = Game Managers


1. Any suspected cheating will result in an investigation. Players who have have been caught cheating will be suspended for a 30 day period in the first instance, a second offences will result in account deletion. To appeal this punishment you must submit a ticket. All appeals will be forwarded to the GA's for the appeals process. All appeals will be conducted by GM's and resolved within 30 days.

2. Vulgar or profane speech will be up to the CM's to moderate. A player can use the shield option to block players they feel are offensive. The CM's, GA's or GM's can then take action as necessary. If any staff member contacts a player and gives them a warning and the player continues their behavior they will receive a second warning. If the staff memeber warns a player for the third time player will receive a 24 hour chat ban and player's name will be submitted to GA's and GM's for possible further action. As always if you do not agree with the decision of one of our staff you may submit a screen shot thru the ticket system as a complaint.

3. Account names can not include any of the following: GM, Admin, ADMN, Mod, MOD, CM, GA, GC, Moderator or any other staff title. In addition any Lord name found offensive in a sexual or vulgar way will be deleated without notice. Any Hero name found offensive in a sexual or vulgar way will be changed without notice.

4. Alliance names follow the same rules as Account Names and can not contain special characters that hide information from other players. If this is found the Alliance will be warned once. If it is not changed within 24 hours the alliance name will be changed without warning. If the alliance commits the same offence again the alliance shall be disbanded without notice.

5. Discussions of cheating or glitching and any threats of cheating, glitching or hacking any of vibrant's sites or services will be taken very seriously and could lead to possible account deletion, permanent ban from all Vibrant games, sites and services as well as possible legal action.

6. When a CM, GA or GM contacts you via PM you are not to post in World chat. These messages are private for a reason. If any Staff attempts to contact you please respond, if you miss their pm and they need to contact you they will send a mail. Please respond promptly so they may better assist you.

7. No third party links to be posted.

8. Account shareing will be at your own risk. If you share your inforamtion with another player you are still responsible for any actions they take on your account.

9. There is no setting taxes to 100%. By doing this you could recive the following sanctions:
    -First Offense: 1 day sanction
    -Second Offense: 3 day sanction
    -Third Offense: 30 day sanction
    -Forth Offenses: account deleation

10. Any disruption of game events will be given a chat sanction till the event is concluded.

11. Harassment will not be tolerated. If a player is deemed to be harassing they will be given 3 warnings then sanctions will be imposed at the discretion of the CM's/GA's/GM's. If a player harasses another player (i.e. I am going to come over to your HOUSE and kill you) in a real life threatening manner a staff member will take action immediately with at chat sanction without warning.
    -First Offense: 1 day chat sanction
    -Second Offense: 1 day account sanction
    -Third Offense: 3 day account sanction
    -Forth Offenses and any subsequent Offenses: 30 day account sanction

12. If chat is escalating beyond war banter to a personal/harassing or vulgar nature it is up to staff to determine if a warning is necessary. Any threats and harassment of this nature should be screen shot and submitted via ticket as proof of the offense if a staff member is not present. If a staff member contacts a player and gives a warning and the player continues their behavior they will receive a second warning. If the staff member warns a player for the third time player will receive a 24 hour chat ban and player's name will be submitted to administration for possible further action.

13. Repeat offenders may not receive a warning before sanctions are imposed.

14. Ignorance of these rules will not be a defense if you break them. It is your responsibility to read the rules and be aware of the consequences. These rules work in harmony but supersedes the current vibrant TOS: GAME MANAGEMENT POLICY. This is an Adendum to the TOS: GAME MANAGEMENT POLICY.

15. All rules are subject to update as Vibrant Staff sees the need. It is up to each player to stay up to date with the current rules. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse or defense. Thank you for reading these rules you are now eligible for a reward. Submit a ticket answer a question and the Support team will provide you with 10 Game Coins.

Re: Lords Online Rules

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:26 pm
by GM Fusion
Lords Online rules update

Here is a short update to the rules

1. Arts should not be sent in anymore than 50 in an attack and breechers no more than 100 in an attack. This shouldnt be possible but if it is done it will be treated as exploitation of a bug.

2. Troops lost to famine will not be returned under any circumtances unless we are responsible for the loss. We strongly suggest sending troops from a castle that can support them as instant famine can occur otherwise.

3. Castles arted to 0 will not be returned unless it is your main and you have troops walking you would otherwise lose, in this case the town hall and resource fields will be increased to level 15 no other buildings will be altered. Proof will be required to support your claim of troops walking this can be provided after if you dont have a beacon tower, however if proof cannot be given after you have rebuilt then this will be counted as abusing the rules the castle will be returned to 0 and an appropriate sanction issues

All sanctions are at the discretion of the game management and their decisions are final.