Lords Online Rules update

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Lords Online Rules update

Postby GM Fusion » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:26 pm

Lords Online rules update

Here is a short update to the rules

1. Arts should not be sent in anymore than 50 in an attack and breechers no more than 100 in an attack. This shouldnt be possible but if it is done it will be treated as exploitation of a bug.

2. Troops lost to famine will not be returned under any circumtances unless we are responsible for the loss. We strongly suggest sending troops from a castle that can support them as instant famine can occur otherwise.

3. Castles arted to 0 will not be returned unless it is your main and you have troops walking you would otherwise lose, in this case the town hall and resource fields will be increased to level 15 no other buildings will be altered. Proof will be required to support your claim of troops walking this can be provided after if you dont have a beacon tower, however if proof cannot be given after you have rebuilt then this will be counted as abusing the rules the castle will be returned to 0 and an appropriate sanction issues

All sanctions are at the discretion of the game management and their decisions are final.
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