Notice regarding HCCore Private Server

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Notice regarding HCCore Private Server

Postby GM Sira » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:55 pm

August 26, 2017

Notice regarding

To: Vibrant Player Community

From: Dave Arnold, President and CEO, Vibrant Games

Thank you for your participation in our multi-player online games. We appreciate your time and efforts to make a positive game community and to help us improve our games. We are expanding and just launched a new developer-supported client game called Origins and are in beta test with our first mobile MMORPG called Star Squad.

Since August 2010, we have licensed and been operating and developing a browser MMO game called
Lords Online that we renamed Hero Civilization. To improve the game and fix some bugs, in February
2014 through September 2015, we hired a software developer in Greece, Eberhard Speer, to work on this game as a member of our team. We trusted him and as agreed he was paid in full for his work. However, in the month when he was to deliver a new game version for launch in our new data center, Mr. Speer decided to enrich himself by stealing our game Hero Civilization along with our customer base.

Mr. Speer copied the game in its entirety without permission, in violation of Vibrant’s and it’s licensor’s copyright rights. Soon thereafter, he went into business for himself operating an unauthorized version of the game through a private server at, in violation of international law. Multiple payment providers have investigated and shut down their association with him because he has no operating agreement or license whatsoever.

We intend to bring legal action against him and his company for fraud, game theft, IP infringement, recovery of damages, and shut-down of his illegal game operation. We provide this notice to you in order to protect your interests and for any friends you have who may play the game, because his criminal enterprise operating without permission, or any operating agreement, or license whatsoever, places players’ own valuable investment of time, and money if any, at risk of loss.

In addition to Lords Online, we will be launching next month Hero Civilization version 1.7 and welcome you to join us there. Thank you for your ongoing participation and support in building our global game community, we hope you will really enjoy our Vibrant Games!

Dave Arnold
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