Things that need to be noticed

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Things that need to be noticed

Postby ventus » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:16 am

I've seen a lot of things that sorta of bother me and maybe more in the community but i'll list off a couple things that just bother me the most.

1. there is basically no GMS on at all. who is going to help new comers if they ask a question? i know in the past I've seen GM , CM , and GC on at all times during seraf. i know it's only beta but hurry up and pick your helpers because it'll be a down fall without help, and if i hear higher leveled players will help. I've seen maybe 3-4 players help. the only GMS that i honestly see helping is Storm and Dante. where are the higher ups? do they not care about their player base. they created the game so why aren't you guys participating in the help.

2. Drops and percentages, how are we gonna know what drops what and how often do they drop? i don't wanna sit there for a week farming something that might not even have the drop i want or have a low % of getting a item i need such as a Amber Gem Staff 20% MAP from adamant tarons and it being like a 1/ 4000 chances of getting it. i wanna know my odds of getting rare and powerful items before i hunt. then on top of that the system of Combining it have the chances of destroying that item. sounds like a big waste of my time hunting for 40+ hours just to be disappointed i have to spend another 40+ hours getting another drop

3. add new mobs, areas, weapons, and quests. be different from other servers don't be the same game you were in the past that failed you guys. get your GMS in a chat and figure out new and exciting things your players will love. add new stuff to VM for p2w type players. even make new stuff for regular players that don't have the money to dish out for the game ( but i do understand you need money too run the game ) honestly seems like this game is standing in time with 0% of anything be done. Honestly at this point just sounds like a bunch of i want you money for the same game play as the others.

that's all i can really think of at this moment but best of luck to this GM team hope you guys expand your dev team and expand your helpers in the days to come. At release time i expect too see changes that will blow you fan bases mind expand or fail.
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Re: Things that need to be noticed

Postby ironmog2 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:19 am

1. Right now it is just a rush of players trying to figure things out. As they learn i'm sure they will be more helpful. As for the GMs? Yes I wish there was more availability, but as the server is just now starting, they are probably busy fixing bugs and such.

2. A Drop list would be nice, I'm not sure if they are willing to give % chance as other games are but that would be nice too.

3. I agree new monsters are needed. I look forward to the ice queen quest already! But I also love that the monsters have new drops that other servers do not, such as the closed items.
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