Be Valentine With Your Love Story

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Be Valentine With Your Love Story

Postby GM Sira » Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:59 am

Be Valentine with your love story
No life without a love story on Origins.

Event type: Forum
• Players need to write a short Love comic in the Forum Section
• Players need to use in game Character’s to write a comic
• And Note the Name of the character on Forum that will claim reward
• The comic should have minimum 10 scenes
• Top 3 Comic decided by the CM Jury will be the winners
• CM Jury’s and GC decision will be final

How to win: Write the most lovely comic.
Date: 1st February 00:00 GT - 14th February 23:59 GT
1st Top Comic: Spirit Stone 1x F Grade AD and PD (15) or +11 Earring of choice
2nd Top Comic: Earring +10 of choice
3rd Top Comic: Spirit Stone 1x E grade AD

]Best regards,
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Re: Be Valentine With Your Love Story

Postby youngz » Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:26 am

(scene one)
it began in 1965 in the world of supreme destiny when the icequeen was out on her travels and she come to a wonderful looking town called Armia.
(scene two)
while she was in Armia she was greeted by a very kind and generous man, "Hello there, how are you? Are you new in town as i haven't seen you here before" startled at the sudden approach the icequeen said "Oh my, you made me jump! Yes i am new in town i come across this wonderful town as i was passing the time having a lovely stroll." the generous man replied to the icequeen "Im so sorry i didn't mean to startle you, my name is Aki."
(Scene three)
The ice queen was overwhelmed by how nice the citizens are in Armia and how king greeting they are aswell, she replied to Aki. "Well it is nice to meet you Aki, My name is Kephra." It all started of so nice and Aki & Kephra started going out on adventures, they visited so many places from the desert all the way to azran and even erion..
(Scene four)
They then began to develop feeling for one another planning their wedding and thinking about children, But Aki's friend Nell said to him one day " Aki, my friend do you not think this is moving too fast?" No of course not why would you ask said Aki. Nell paused for a moment and said well Kephra has only been around for a few weeks and you don't know her true colours yet, there is a lot of mysterious magical things going on, im just looking out for you.
(Scene five)
Aki was a little upset with what his friend had said as he felt so in love with kephra and he felt that Nell was just expressing jealousy because he was finally happy..
(scene six)
A few years had now gone by and they are now married at their wedding they had all their good friends turn up the wedding reception wasn't HUGE but it was a reasonable guest size. There was - Arnold, Martin, Balmus, Galford, Judith, Angela, Hestia and Ruty. King Glantuar wedded them and they had such an amazing day until 1 day it all started going bad.
(Scene Seven)
Kephra and Aki went out for a walk through the desert and come across some HUGE doors. and Kephra turned to Aki and said "Darling, I don't like the look of this lets go back." Aki laughed and said "are you scared to just knock?" Well with that Kephra said fine lets go. they strolled for hours and they looked around and then said to one another "We are lost!"
(Scene Eight)
Kephra started to feel dizzy and sensed a Magical force around the air and a voice shouting in the distance "UNLEASH YOURSELF! YOU KNOW FULL WELL YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF LOVE....) and with that she ran off.
Aki noticed her running away through some archways and shouted "KEPHRA! WHERE ARE YOU GOING WHAT IS WRONG" and chased her.. he saw her go through a blue portal think in the lair and followed her.
(Scene Nine)
OH MY GOD! Shouted Aki who the hell are you, Kephra turned and said "Darling, I am not worthy of love and now i will destroy the world of SD! Confused Aki said what are you on about? Why! Why would you do something like this... A silent sniggle from a dark spot in the corner could be heard.. and at that moment Aki looked over a mage looking demon come out from nowhere.... "I am Dante RULER OF Supreme Destiny, She shall not leave with you i have put a curse on her! The only way to break it is by sealing the spirit.
(Scene ten)
Aki ran as fast as he could to the King screaming HELP HELP HELP ME SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!! The King and his soldiers come running all alert! What is it Aki What has happened? asked the King..
"Dante has put a curse on my beloved Kephra and the only way to free her is to seal the spirit" Replid Aki.
(scene eleven)
at once the king gathered his soldiers and sent the messenger to Storm. with the following message "Dear Storm, your services are required i need you to gather your Stormy Warriors. Go to the lair and seal the the spirit to release the curse from Akis wife Kephra..
Storm got the message and at once he formed his army of the Storm Warriors. and they rushed through the teleporter to take care of the curse, after 3 hours of savage battles, at last the spirit was sealed and Dante was sent back to the shadows..
(Scene Twelve)
Kephra was finally released from the curse and brought back into Akis loving arms. so they can live happily ever after. "Once again Supreme Destiny is finally safe!


This is my love comic i hope its good :)

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