Gossips, Shadows, Psychic

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Gossips, Shadows, Psychic

Postby GM Fusion » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:44 pm

Hello players, it has come to our attention that the use of gossips, shadows and psychics to take over castles is causing some ingame issues with players getting them and the hero stuck in battle. This is normally due to too many attacks being sent and the castle being taken over while there are still incoming attacks. We are currently running tests to confirm the cause of these issues and the fix, in the mean time it is not recommended to use these, however if you must then only sending the required amount of attacks to take the castle should greatly reduce the chance of getting stuck.
We do not appreciate players who find themselves in this position sending multiple threatening and abusive tickets to get their hero and units back only a maintainance will do this, you will have to be patient we will not run special maintainances and depending on the severity of the threats/abuse on the ticket may be subject to sanction.

Thank you for you cooperation

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