Academy Alliances

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Academy Alliances

Postby GM Fusion » Wed Oct 01, 2014 1:50 am

The Academy System is composed of several Academy Alliances and eachalliance serve specific race of players: Humans, Alec and Shaba. Each Academy will have Game Coach who will Guide the new players through game basics and quests through their journey on Mu Continent, The main purpose of this system is to transfer the experience and expertise about Hero Civilization to our new players and create a healthy game community.

How to join:

Any players may join the Academy of his region or language by asking the Game Coach to recruit him. The will be Game Coaches for all races, you can find the Game Coach through the global game chatting during their working shift hours.

Benefits of this system:

1.The New Players will get help from our Expert game coaches through game basics and quests.

2.The Game Coaches will answer the questions of the players and will help them as much as they can with the detailed answers.

3.Interacting with new players and making friends from different countries around the globe while sharing gaming experience.

4.The player who reaches lvl26 Civilization will graduate from the academy and will have to submit a ticket to their graduation rewards: 1 x lumber, stone, iron and gold bag.

5.The presence of Quick Game Guide -Game Coaches- to help players, guide them and give them advice.

Increase the civilization of your kingdom and win rewards for developing your beloved Empire.

Academy Alliance Rules

1. A players in an academy alliance should only attack another academy alliance.

2. A player should not hero assassinate or hero demo another player.

3. No artillery attacks.

Rules for players not in academy alliances

1. Do not attack players in academy alliance, except GC's who are fair game.

2. No hero demo or hero assassination of players in academny alliances.

Breaking these rules will result in the following penalties:

1st offense 50k gold, 2nd offence and every there after 100k gold.
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Re: Academy Alliances

Postby joe432 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:10 pm

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