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Forum Policies

Postby GM Nero » Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:32 pm

All warriors,

Please pay your attention! When you post any topic or any reply, please make sure you won't violate any of the following rules:

1. Don’t post any abusive or suggestive words or images.
2. Don’t spam, flame or rant or bump up old topics.
3. Keep it PG-13.
4. Don’t pretend to be a Vibrant Staff and try to cheat other players
5. Don’t disseminate/advertise any bugs or third party website.
6. Don’t disseminate/advertise/sell any cheating engine or methods.
7. Your avatar/signature dimensions should obey our rule.
8. Customer service is NOT provided through the forum.
9. Please post in English only. As for off topic section, Please feel free to use a language of your choice abiding by the rules.

Thanks for your support

Best Regards,
Lords Online Support Team
GM Nero
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