Refer a Friend!!!

Invite your Friends to Play Supreme Destiny and you and your newly registered friends stand a chance to win exciting rewards

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Refer a Friend!!!

Postby GM Sam » Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:02 pm

Refer a friend

Invite your Friends to Play Supreme Destiny and you and your newly recruited friends stand a chance to win exciting rewards, introduce them to the game and conquer the world of SD together.


1- Create a new Topic with your name on it, In our Forums Section New Players Land

2- Your referred friend should post a reply on your post with his/her character name in game after they reach level 250 mortal.


GM Dante Invited GM Cloud to play Supreme Destiny:
GM Dante created a topic with Title: GM Dante Referral Event.

Content: Hello I’m GM Dante, here are my referrals
Reply: Hello I’m GM Cloud and I have been recently joined Supreme Destiny through Dante, I have reached level 250 Mortal.

Event Period: April 2011


1- For Newly Registered Players:

* All Newly Registered Players will receive; Fire Tiger 30 Days, once they reach level 250, post their name here and mention the forum link along with your Q&A.

*The Top 5 New Players with Highest Levels at the end of event period will receive,

Top 1:

Mortal Weapon Ancient D Grade 63 DMG/ 28 MAP +9

Top 2-5:

Perfect Mortal Armor full set Grade E +0

Note: All supplied fire tigers will be expired 1st of May.

2- Referrer:

The top 5 referrers at the end of the event period; chosen based on the number of their referred new registered friends in Supreme Destiny will receive,

Top 1:
Plus one upgrade (Max +12)

Top 2-5:
Perfect God Armor Piece +0 of choice


Players caught trying to boost their referrals by creating sub accounts will be given permanent block sanction.
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