Castle Building Tutorial

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Castle Building Tutorial

Postby GM Fusion » Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:37 am

There are different types of castles. You start with a 4,4,4,6 these numbers refer to the types of resource fields. Sawmill, Quary, Iron Mine, & farms. So a 3,4,5,6 would be 3 Sawmills, 4 Quaries, 5 iron Mines & 6 farms. Most types have a 6 for farms except 2 types. Your Farm town is a 1,1,1,15 this is good for feeding troops later on, and a 3,3,3,9 which is good for building troops, this is the rarest type and so the hardest to move around the map later on. Having a 3,3,3,9 is nice but not necessary.
To get your second town you need to have a civilization level of 6. Once you have this goto quest mission tab and upgrade rank and title. Then you can build pioneers, tree spirits or laborers depending on your race in your manor or palace and send them out to build you a new town. Celars are worthless so build this for the quest then demolish it. Building build up your TH, (town hall) is important no building can be built higher than it. Also resorce fields and barns and warehouse are your first builds fill up any space you do not see using with barns and warehouses. Only 1 town will need an embassy. If you plan to keep all your towns clustered then you should only build one tavern and one black tower but this is player preferance. Academy allows you to increase the technology of your town as well. City Wall has its own special techs. Techs will be explained in a different tutorial. Some buildings require gems to build up higher. Levels 10, 15 and level 20 are the levels you need gems in the amounts of 1,2,4 respectivly. How to get gems is in the Gems tutorial.
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Re: Castle Building Tutorial

Postby joe432 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:37 am

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